Spotify Canvas Is Here !

Spotify Canvas Is Here !

Dear artists & Label Managers,

Canvas, Spotify’s latest feature for artistic expression, is finally here: You now have access to Canvas through your Spotify for Artists’ account. Canvas is a 3-8 second looping visual you can add to any of your tracks on Spotify.

In addition to being a powerful branding tool, Canvas has major functional benefits.

  • Quality Canvases have shown in beta to lift: tracks shares by an average of 145% (compared to control group)
  • adds to user playlists by 20%
  • streams by 5%
  • saves by 1.4% visits to your artist profile page by 9%

For inspiration, best practices, how to upload and more, head to Spotify’s Canvas site:

Please note:
Spotify Canvas requires an official and properly set-up Artist profile. To claim your profile, please visit

The microsite,, is the source of truth for all things Canvas related – it has specs, a guide on ‘how to upload’, and the content policy (in 25 languages).
Spotify have also introduced a new Canvas category on SoundBetter, where artist teams can find and hire credible visual designers to help them make their assets.

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