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Deezer for Creators.

What you get with Deezer for Creators ?

Want to help your new fans discover your old releases? Highlight a track, album or playlist for your fans to see!

  • Go behind the scenes. Discover Deezer for Creators, a platform designed to bring artists and music professionals closer to their audience. Our tool lets you analyze and understand your streams from behind the scenes.
  • Make the most of your music. Deezer for Creators gathers the best information on users’ streaming habits and activity in order to help you connect with your audience and understand their needs.
  • Boost your listening! Using data analysis and metadata curation, Deezer for Creators assists in optimizing your content to boost your stream count. Give your audience exactly what they’re looking for, every time.
  • Curate your artist profiles. We even offer a complete space for you to update all your latest artist credentials. From highlighting specific content to biographies, photos and social network links, your fans will never be without the latest news again!
  • Watch your Friday releases go live. With the “Live data” module, you can follow the streams of your latest content and watch how they perform in real time.

Source : Deezer

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