Boost your Revenue

Boost your Revenue


In order to get the best results on the leading streaming platform Spotify, we highly recommend you to claim your admission both as artists and labels at Not only is this the place to see your number of streams and listeners, but also the place to pitch your music to the playlists of Spotify’s official curators. Additionally, there are tons of guidelines and helpful articles on developing artists profiles and growing your audition.


The world’s leading Electronic Music download store Beatport has shared the latest “Best Practice” document with us. You can download the sheet here or get in touch with your label manager for requesting. On over 20 sheets, the Beatport team shares the most valuable practices in order to make the most out of your releases on Beatport, such as best setup and preparation, promotion tools, and additional ways to increase your revenue and expand your reach.
Additionally, we will implement a new Highlight Submission/Pitch routine which we will share with you in the near future.


Get access to useful data – the streaming milestones your releases rake in, your tracks ranked in comparison to each other, the evolution of your art, your fans and super fans, and more. Stay informed about the dynamics of your audience – their age, gender, city, and country. Then, use these demographics to promote your music better, and plan your tours and gigs. Release short looping videos to engage your listeners through JioSaavn Shorties. A song with a supporting Shortie has better engagement. Go ahead, give your music the boost it deserves. Click here to get access.


Discover Deezer for Creators, a platform designed to bring artists and music professionals closer to their audience. Our tool lets you analyze and understand your streams from behind the scenes. Deezer for Creators gathers the best information on users’ streaming habits and activity in order to help you connect with your audience and understand their needs. Using data analysis and metadata curation, Deezer for Creators assists in optimizing your content to boost your stream count. Give your audience exactly what they’re looking for, every time. Click here to get access.


Electronic Music Download store Traxsource has also provided a very detailed article on “How To Succeed, Grow & Maximize Your Label Sales”, which can be read here.

Apple Music

Basically the same idea and tutorials – except from playlist pitching – can be found on, with a heavier focus on music creation

Amazon Music

The world’s largest retailer has also implemented an artist portal including FAQs, Artist Apps; backstage for Artists and much more:

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