Tesla has added the Tidal app to its vehicles, which is a huge thing for audiophiles

Tesla has added the Tidal app to its vehicles, which is a huge thing for audiophiles

Tesla customers may now pick between Spotify and Tidal as their music streaming service.

Tesla owners looking for an alternative to Spotify can rejoice: Tidal, a streaming service, is now supported by Tesla automobiles.

The app should be available as part of Tesla’s 2021.40 vehicle firmware upgrade, which is currently available in the United States. According to Tesla’s press announcement, “With a TIDAL account, you may now stream TIDAL music from the Media menu. By connecting to Wi-Fi and selecting Download on the selected content, you can listen to TIDAL playlists or albums in high-quality audio.”

Tidal, on the other hand, is more than just a Spotify substitute. The music service, which is owned by Square, is considerably superior to Spotify in terms of quality. Tidal also offers music in the 1,411 Kbps, lossless quality Hifi tier, as well as Master, which delivers streaming quality with a bit rate as high as 9,216 Kbps, in addition to the Normal tier, which is a 320 Kbps AAC stream.

The ability to stream music in high quality might make a difference for discerning users (I haven’t been able to test the option because it isn’t available in my region yet).

Spotify, on the other hand, announced its own HiFi streaming tier in February, although it has yet to arrive. Tesla automobiles do not have access to Apple Music or Amazon Music.

Other enhancements in the 2021.40 update include the ability to use front defrost and keep your climate settings when clearing ice and snow, as well as receiving an audible notice when Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is active.

That second adjustment is noteworthy since it was first introduced in China, where the update was hailed as a big safety improvement, despite the fact that it boiled down to exactly what it sounds like: a sound that occurs when cruise control is activated. The chime can be disabled by going to Controls – Autopilot – Traffic-Aware Cruise Control Chime.

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