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UGC Claims

You can now request Claims for UGC (User Generated Content) Platforms with our tool – UGC Claims

NOTE – This tool is only for clients that use our YouTube Content ID.

Steps Guide
Make sure to check the Guidelines before submitting any request

  • In “Select Release” – Select the release you want us to claim.
  • In “Select Audio” – Select the audio from the release you want us to claim.
  • In “Platforms” – Select the Platform on which you want to claim. (Currently we only Support Claiming for YouTube Content ID).
  • In “Policy” – Select the Policy you want us to apply for claim. Policy descriptions are mentioned below –
    Monetize – In Monetize Policy, we can place a manual copyright claim on the video which uses your content.
    Remove – In Remove Policy, we can remove a copyright claim from the video which uses your content.
    Block – In Block Policy, we can block a video by copyright claim which uses your content.
  • In “URL” – Add the URL’s of the YouTube video(s) you want us to claim.
  • Click Submit

NOTE – Misuse of tool will result in suspension of the service. For more info please email us at

Once the request is submitted, our team reviews it and accepts or rejects it depending on the request. It usually takes 48-72 working hours to process the request after it is accepted.

It will look like this.
Add the YouTube Video Links

If your request is rejected, kindly mail to to know the exact reason for rejection. Make sure to check the common reasons for rejections mentioned below.

Common reasons for rejections are –

  • The video is private
  • Invalid data
  • Broken links
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