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Lyrics Distribution Tool

You can now distribute your song’s lyrics with our tool – Distribute Lyrics

Steps Guide
Make sure to check the Guidelines before submitting any request

  • In the “Select Release” – Choose the specific release for which you intend to distribute the lyrics.
  • In the “Select Audio” – Pick the audio track from your chosen release for lyric distribution.
  • In the “Lyrics Language” – Designate the language of the song’s lyrics that corresponds to the audio.
  • For the question “Do you possess the publishing rights to the lyrics?” please select the appropriate choice based on your lyrics:
    “Yes” – Indicate “Yes” if you have exclusive rights to the lyrics featured in your audio.
    “No” – Opt for “No” if you lack exclusive rights to the lyrics featured in your audio.
    “Not Sure” – Select “Not Sure” if you’re uncertain about the rights pertaining to the lyrics, or if the audio includes a combination of different lyric sources.
    “Public Domain Content” – Choose “Public Domain Content” if the song lyrics comprise traditional or public domain content.
  • In the “ISWC” field – Input the ISWC (International Standard Musical Work Code) for the song. If you do not possess this code, kindly leave the field empty.
  • In the “LRC Upload” option – Upload the LRC (LyRiCs) file for the song. If you do not have an LRC file, kindly leave this field empty.
  • In the “Lyrics” section – Input or paste the lyrics for your content. Be sure to review the guidelines before adding the lyrics.
  • Click Submit

Once the request is submitted, our team reviews it and accepts or rejects it depending on the request. Once the request is accepted, it is send to the DSP’s.

If your request is rejected, kindly mail to to know the exact reason for rejection. Make sure to check the common reasons for rejections mentioned below.

Common reasons for rejections are –

  • Wrong Formatting of Lyrics
  • Invalid data
  • Missing information
  • Invalid Information

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