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Playlist Pitchment

You can now pitch your upcoming music with our tool – Playlist Pitchment

Steps Guide
Make sure to check the Guidelines before submitting any request

  • In “Select Release” – Select the release you want to pitch for promotion. (NOTE – Only Upcoming releases can be pitched)
  • In “Select Audio” – Select the audio from the release you want to pitch for promotion.
  • In “Why are you pitching this song?*” – Describe the artist, the release, and any marketing or promotion efforts in detail. Only include a brief summary of important information in your copy. Always keep the most important details or sentences at the top!
  • In “Quick Pitch” – Describe the One-Sentence description of the release.
  • In “Artwork Asset (PSD File of artwork)” – Share the download link to the PSD (Photoshop) file of the Release Artwork. Make sure the download link is unlocked and the PSD is editable enough for rearranging the positions of the images/layers.
  • In “Additional Assets (Artist Bytes, Promotional Clips etc)” – You can share more promotional assets like Artist Bytes about promoting the new release / Promotional clips etc.
  • In “Additional Information” – You can share more information about your release / the marketing budget / what makes your release so special etc.
  • In “Link to Press Release” – You can add the Artist PR articles or Release Promotional Articles.
  • In “Artist’s social links (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc)*” – You have to add the artist’s social media profiles.
  • In “Moods” – Select up to 2 relevant moods your release suits.
  • Click Submit

Once the request is submitted, our team reviews it and accepts or rejects it depending on the request. Once the request is accepted, it is send to the DSP’s team for placements.

It will look like this.
Add the Press Releases links
Add the Artist’s Social Media links

Please Note – We can’t guarantee a place on an editorial playlist when we pitch music. It’s at the discretion of Editorial team when they select tracks.

If your request is rejected, kindly mail to to know the exact reason for rejection. Make sure to check the common reasons for rejections mentioned below.

Common reasons for rejections are –

  • The content was already released on the platforms
  • Invalid data
  • Files are locked
  • Broken links
  • Missing information
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