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Profile Linking Tool

You can now link your music with your Instagram and Facebook profiles via our tool – Profile Linking

Steps Guide

  • In “Select Release” – Select the release you want to link. (NOTE – Only Approved releases can be linked)
  • In “Select Audio” – Select the audio from the release you want to link.
  • In “Artist” Field – Enter the artist name on Primary Role 1. (NOTE – Only one artist profile can be linked)
  • In “Facebook Link” – Paste the Facebook link of the the Artist’s Page or account.
  • In “Instagram Link” – Paste the Instagram link of the the Artist’s account.
  • Click Submit
It will look like this.

Once the request is submitted, our team reviews it and accepts or rejects it depending on the request. Once the request is accepted, it is send to the META team for linking and they takes around 5 working days to process the request.

If your request is rejected, kindly mail to to know the exact reason for rejection. Make sure to check the common reasons for rejections mentioned below.

Common reasons for rejections are –

  • Invalid or Broken artists links
  • Wrong Artist Name
  • The profile is already linked
  • Submitting another artist profile
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