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Music Video Guidelines

  • Graphic Overlays.
    Music videos must not contain chyrons, static or scrolling lyrics, or lower-third graphics.
  • Release Dates or Advertisements. Music videos must not contain release dates, logos, or advertisements.
  • Nonstandard Music Videos. Music videos that are artist interviews, commentaries, behind the scenes, or similar in content must be bundled with a music album and cannot be sold individually.
  • Promotional Still Image Videos. Promotional videos (such as videos displaying only the cover art and audio or slide shows) will not be accepted.
  • Teasers, Trailers and Partial Videos. Music videos which have been shortened or edited into a promotional teaser, trailer or partial version will not be accepted.
  • Music Video Quality. Music videos with poor quality (such as glitches, blurriness, incomplete video or audio, no audio, out of sync audio and video, and so on) will not be accepted.
  • Explicit Content. Music videos that contain explicit language, nudity, drug references, or depictions of drug use must be marked “Explicit.”
  • Music Videos from Films. Music videos taken from musical films must contain a title version that refers to the film such as (From “Name of Film”).
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