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My music has been mixed with another artist on Streaming Stores.

Since there are so many artists with the same name, this has become a common problem with digital distribution. First and foremost, we suggest to do research before you start releasing. Make an effort to choose an artist name that isn’t already in use. This will ensure that your music is not linked to the profile of another artist.
If your music is mistakenly linked to the profile of another artist, we will work with you to fix it. But don’t worry: even if your music is on the wrong profile, you’ll still get paid for all streams and downloads.
If your music is associated with the incorrect profile, you can perform the following:

  • Spotify – You can contact Spotify for Artists team directly via this form >
  • Apple Music – You can contact Apple Music artist team via this form >
  • Amazon Music – You can contact Amazon for artist team via this form >

For all other platforms please contact us at with

  • Links to your correct profile (Please reply back with your existing artist profile links or if you require new artist profile links.)
  • Incorrect Profile links showing your music
  • Incorrect Songs links showing your music
  • Product Code of the songs which are affected

To link your future releases with correct artist profiles on Apple Music and Spotify, please check this.

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