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Can I Submit Multiple CRBT for one single track?

Yes ! You will be glad to know that you can submit Multiple CRBT/Caller tune cuts for one Single Track.
For this we have Two Methods –

First Method
You need to provide us the Start time of multiple caller tune cuts in the following time format HH:MM:SS.
Make sure that the duration of one cut must be 30 second from the start time and it must now overwrite/lap the other next cut.
For example a track of 3 min duration can be split like this –
CUT ONE – 00:00:25 ; CUT TWO – 00:01:24 : CUT THREE – 00:02:21

Second Method
Go to any online mp3 cutter available or use wav editor software’s. We prefer to use

Upload your audio and select the start time and end time of each CRBT Cut and save them in mp3 format. Check below for more.
Make sure the duration of each cut must be 30 Seconds.

Once you are ready with the CRBT cuts of 30 second or Start time of your CRBT Cuts, you can submit to us via email. Make sure to provide us the following details of the release under which you are submitting these CRBT’s.
1. Release Name
2. Product Code
3. Artist Name
4. Your Client Code

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